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From house/garden/garage clearance to unoccupied property insurance, property maintenance and management, locksmith services, electrical and plumbing services, gas & fire safety, securing the property including boarding, fencing and pest control. Any service your client requires.

We always work under your instruction and offer structured payments where necessary.

Using our services means you are instructing straight from the source and are not simply using a third party company to find other companies to do the work, therefore effectively paying twice.

Prospect do not push for house sales like most other companies. We simply want to get on with the job at hand. Protecting properties.

We are the only call you need to make.

After 12 years of running this company we can literally do anything required to help you in your role. Don’t be afraid to ask.
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    The usual stipulations for our policies are as follows;

    • British Standards locks fitted to all external doors

    • All services (gas, electricity and water) isolated

    • Hot water and heating systems drained down (or central heating kept on at 12 degrees)

    • Inspections internally even 28 days.

    We can cover all of the above if necessary.