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Court of Protection.

Prospect understand the difficulty in handling the personal matters of your clients affairs under Court Of Protection especially their property and personal items. We have been protecting properties, valuables and personal items since we formed in 2011. From simple locksmith services to insurance, property maintenance and house clearance you can trust us here at Prospect to be one point of contact for all your needs. We can also defer payments until you have all your paperwork in order no matter how long that takes.

We understand that in some cases the only asset your client has is the property they either reside in or formerly resided in and it is of utmost importance on every level that it is protected in a sensitive manner.

Our unoccupied insurance policy can place your property on cover within the hour and yet again payments can be deferred.

Our range of in-house tradesmen and network of other service providers ensures you are giving your client the level of care and professionalism they deserve.

We are able to remove and store items, deliver to care homes or evaluate and disperse of on behalf of your client with pre agreed prices. All the other services (including locksmith services, plumbing and electrical, pest control and house clearance) which you would expect in order to handle these cases are done in a sensitive and professional manner and always under your instruction.
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    The usual stipulations for our policies are as follows;

    • British Standards locks fitted to all external doors

    • All services (gas, electricity and water) isolated

    • Hot water and heating systems drained down (or central heating kept on at 12 degrees)

    • Inspections internally even 28 days.

    We can cover all of the above if necessary.