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Do you need a quick insurance quote for your unoccupied property?

Or do you want to make sure your properties are correctly insured?

We can provide a same day quote but unlike your brokers we can also make sure all the stipulations are met to make sure the property in your charge Is correctly insured. Just fill in the simple form here and we’ll be straight back with a quote.

Usually unoccupied properties require the following conditions being met;

External locks must be British Standard 5 lever or Euro cylinder

Isolation of water, gas and electricity.

Drain down of hot water and heating systems (heating can be left on at 12 degrees Oct to March)

Windows locked or secured

Monthly inspections


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    The usual stipulations for our policies are as follows;

    • British Standards locks fitted to all external doors

    • All services (gas, electricity and water) isolated

    • Hot water and heating systems drained down (or central heating kept on at 12 degrees)

    • Inspections internally even 28 days.

    We can cover all of the above if necessary.